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Most people are aware that chiropractic is one of the most beneficial options for spinal disorders.  Gentle adjustments to specific vertebrae helps to alleviate nerve pain and stress, which causes the body to function more optimally.  Common conditions that patients seek care for include:


Low back pain


Neck pain


Upper back pain

Shoulder stress


Dr, Fenell adjusts the upper cervical spine region which is a valuable benefit to many patients.  In addition to upper cervical care, he also adjusts the full spine to alleviate nerve pressure, pain and stress in the upper and lower back regions.


New patients sometimes wonder if the adjustment will be a painful process.  However are often pleasantly surprised after receiving their first adjustment how pleasant the adjustment feels.


Other chiropractic patients who have experienced care previously during their lifetime may wish to have a deeper, more thorough chiropractic adjustment.  Tulsa's chiropractor, Dr Fenell is able to deliver those more thorough chiropractic adjustments as well as provide other patients with a very light touch, gentle and more subtle adjustment.  Both styles of spinal chiropractic adjustments are very effective in helping patients achieve their health goals.


During the initial consultation Dr Fenell will ask questions and listen to your health history.  During that visit he will be able to determine if your condition can be helped through chiropractic care.  If for some reason he feels that he cannot help you, Dr Fenell will discuss your other options and make an appropriate referral to the best doctor for your health needs.


Dr Fenell works with a network of various types of order doctors and allied health professionals such as physical therapists, general practice doctors, surgeons, as well as other chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists.  Rest assured that Dr Fenell work in your best interest to help you regain your health as quickly and as naturally as possible.


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