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If you've been to the chiropractor and have never had your hands and feet adjusted you don't know what you've missed!  People across America have come to know chiropractic as a resource for receiving the best health option for spinal conditions such as low back pain, next pain and headaches.


Dr. Fenell's mission since becoming a chiropractor in 1997 was to take a whole new approach to chiropractic.  He decided to become a hand and foot chiropractor even though there was not yet such a concept in the profession of chiropractic.  Dr. Fenell trained under the best teachers and doctors in his field and went on to develop the most advanced methodology of adjusting the tiny bones in the hand and feet.


There are 206 bones in the entire human body and over half of them exist in the hands and feet. You may have not realized this but the feet are the most traumatized region of the body, absorbing the shock from thousands of steps each and every day.  There's no wonder why the foot bones and joints can so easily over time lose their healthy alignment. These tiny misalignments of the tiny foot bones and joints will lead to problems such as flat feet, high rigid arches, over pronation, heel pain, arch pain and many more potentially debilitating foot conditions.


At the other end of the spectrum, the hands also take on serious abuse and overuse throughout your lifetime.  Think of all the times you may have compromised your wrists and hands during many different types of repetitive activities and strenuous use. Even simple daily tasks such as writing, pushing, pulling, lifting, gripping and so on will cause great trauma to the tiny bones, joints and muscles of your hands.


Now there's an amazing non-surgical, pain-free solution to alleviating your hand or foot problems, quickly and easily through Dr. Fenell's hand and foot adjusting techniques.  Through much training, research and over ten thousand hours of practical application of his techniques, Dr. Fenell has become a master at adjusting the hands and feet as well as many of the other extremity joints.


Dr. Fenell, Tulsa's hand and foot chiropractor has become know by the community and his peers as the chiropractor of choice for treating the most difficult hand and foot conditions that patients may encounter.  Of course he also accepts patients who suffer with milder conditions and various causes of hand or foot pain and discomfort as well as the more extreme, hopeless cases who have been told that surgery is their only option.


If you've been told that surgery is your only option for your hand or foot condition, we encourage you to call and schedule an appointment to visit with Dr. Fenell before making that costly and risky decision.  He will provide you an honest assessment and tell you whether he believes he can or cannot help your problem.

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